"Warming Stripes"-Day

Today you might see your weather presenters wearing or showing or talking about the "Warming Stripes". This visualization was created by Professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading, UK. Each stripe represents the yearly global temperatures from 1850 to 2017, clearly showing the trend from blue (below normal) to red (above normal).

It was Jeff's Berardelli's idea to asked his fellow weather presenters to join him on June 21 on #MetsUnite. And more than 100 presenters will, today!

Jeff Berardelli have been passionate about weather since the age of three (3!!). Ever since he can remember he  wanted to be a TV meteorologist. And for over 20 years he has worked asa TV meteorologist in New York and Florida USA . Over the past two decades he has become more and more concerned with Climate Change. And especially over the past couple of years, as impacts of climate change have accelerated, he finds myself more immersed in trying to help. And so he continues working in media, and helping to educate the public on the impacts of climate change, extreme weather and solutions as well.

Jeff Berardelli with the Warming Stripes