Best Climate Solution Award 2018

Today we received the "Best Climate Solution" Award from Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cabiamenti Climatici (CMCC). This was handed out during CMCC’s “Festival for the Earth” conference in Venice, and the award theme for 2018 was “Communicating climate change threats and opportunities”.

According to the Jury, Climate without Borders is “a new, strong project with a high impact potential, that acknowledges the need to set up training opportunities for weather presenters to learn more about climate science, communication, policy, and action. Most weather presenters are experienced meteorologists and communicators who are trusted sources of information to the public. As they operate worldwide, it is a great idea to develop an expanding peer-network of weather broadcasters who embrace science. As the project develops, it will be important to identify those who have the interest in joining such a network and provide resources and support so that they can have access to the latest scientific developments and communication tools”.

The international Jury of the Best Climate Solutions 2018 Award comprised of Jessika Berns (Green Growth Knowledge Platform, GGKP), Marco Cattaneo (National Geographic Italy), Marion Ferrat (formerly IPCC Working Group III), Liliana Hisas (Fundación Ecologica Universal, FEU-US), and Kenneth Weiss (Pulitzer Prize, Festival for the Earth).

Jill Peeters, Founder of Climate without Borders, and weather presenter in Belgium, said: “We are truly honored by this. It’s a tribute to all weather presenters worldwide, who are working on the front lines of changing weather and climate. We see what’s happening and we are worried. It’s important that we have a place to unite our voices and this award shows just how critical communication this information is.”

Mike Favetta, a weather presenter working in the USA and Italy, and one of the Founding Members of the organization, said: “Climate without Borders has been a tour de force in mobilizing weathercasters from across the world to spread the word in climate change. For that reason, I’m proud to be one of the founding members and honored that our organization is recognized by the Best Climate Solutions with funding to help our mission.”