More questions?

If you want to tell us your story, or if you want to share a video or picture about (extreme) weather, or climate action, you can always post this on your social media with @climatewborders (Twitter) or @climatewithoutborders (Facebook, Instagram). We are happy to share your story with the weather presenters and citizens from all over the world.
Yes, we'd love to welcome you to our weather-presenters-club, but only when you are are a meteorologist working with media, or a weather presenter. Climate without Borders is setting up the rules of engagement for new members, to be sure that they feel welcomed, and to be sure that the energy you put into this organization is multiplied by our organization. If you’re not a weather presenter, but you do have a link with weather or climate, we have special memberships too, or you can help us with the educational and cultural projects we’re working on.
We are a non-profit organization, based in Belgium, but with founding members in 25 countries. We can always use volunteers who want to help e.g. during events, with translations and the support on social media.
Not yet. Climate without Borders is finishing up the research & development of this citizen science-learning project (May 2018). Soon more about this!
Climate without Borders sets up cooperations with governments and companies that can help distribute our citizen science project. Feel free to contact us to know more about the opportunities.
Weather presenters are professional media persons. They love to make a presentation about weather and climate, or moderate and welcome people on your events. We can get you in contact with our weather presenters we know, active in the 110 countries.