We are a non-profit organization

Our members (the weather presenters) are at the barricades of the changing weather. They have no choice but to do their utmost to prevent people from dying or suffering due to extreme weather. Their warnings save lives.

Our members give vital information to people, and they add this information to their daily weather reports, on a voluntary basis. Not just because weather presenters are passionate about it, also because the science is clear about the causes and solutions, and because they want to use their trusted voice to inform and warn their fellow citizens, viewers, and followers on social media. 

Weather presenters need constant education, support and good stories. Climate without Borders collects donations to support and coordinate educational projects, network events with our allies, cultural events, etc. 

But we need more financial support to give more leverage to climate action.

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Want to become our partner?

We seek partnerships under the Paris Agreement, with a focus on Article 12. Our goal "nobody should die because of the changing weather" is too huge to fight for alone, so we really need you, to set up a partnership under The Sustainable Development Goals, especially SGD17. 

We are fortunate to have the explicit support from WMO, IPCC, UNFCCC and UNEP. And we couldn't have launched with the continued support from imec, RVO-Society, VITO and Copernicus.

All emissions from our travel is compensated by CO2logic, Greentripper.


But we need more partners to raise awareness. 

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Want to help us as a volunteer?

The launch of Climate without Borders was done by a group of very enthusiastic, dedicated people. We had volunteers to welcome the weather presenters on our first boot camp, we had people organizing a Belgian beer tasting event, there was Jonas who collected data on the impact we had, and Tina who corrected most of the English spelling.

But we need more people to help on events, with translations, with ideas, etc.

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