Burkina Faso
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My story

Serge Bayala from Burkina Faso is the weather presenter and climate communicator in his country. He studied meteorology at the Petit Séminaire de Koudougou. He started presenting the weather on television in 1997, and the last few years he presented on the national television on a daily basis. And in 2001 he initiated weather reports on the national radio. During the floodings in September 2009 he was the special reporter on television. He also became a consultant on climate change communication for ‘centre Africain pour les applications de la météorologie au développement’ (ACMAD). Since 2008 he also started producing weather reports for the national television channel of Burkina Faso. In 2014 Serge joined ‘the weather report 2050’ project of the World Meteorological organization, and he walked the climate march in New York that year. Since 2008 he is the president of the ‘association fond bleu Burkina’ that tackles climate change impacts. He is also the promotor and presenter on the Radio “Soleil" (sun) where stories about climate change are told, as well as about environment, weather, health and nature…