Paul Tsietsi
South Africa
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My story

Paul Tsietsi Monare is from South Africa. He is employed as a weather presenter and producer for the public broadcaster in South Africa known as the South African Broadcasting Corporation or SABC. He works for the popular breakfast show called Morning Live, as well as occasional updates during the midday news programmes. Tsietsi, as he is well-known, has 8 years of experience as a weatherman and specializes in climate change and sustainable development. He constantly works with the South African Weather Service (SAWS) as well as the Department of Environmental Affairs to raise awareness on the issues of climate change and how they affect various communities. Tsietsi has worked with WMO, FIM and UN on crucial climate change matters. He was the moderator at an important roundtable at the climate summit, and he walked the Climate March in New York, sept 2014.