Mónica López
Founding Member
My story

Mónica López Moyano is from Spain. She graduated in Physics, Earth and Cosmos specialty. Mónica has been working as an expert in meteorological information, for 20 years. She also won the prestigious award for the Best communicator 2016. Mónica is the prime time weather presenter at TVE (1st channel in Spain). She is the Head of the Weather Team in the Spanish Television since 2008. She is also the President of the Association of Meteorological Communicators (ACOMET). She teaches specialized meteorology courses and communication. She has a Master in Political Analysis, from the Open University of Catalonia, with a specialty in Brand and Corporate Communication by UOC.

The last few years Mónica has focused her efforts on communication of meteorology and climate, especially on issues of severe weather, when citizen self-protection measures are crucial to safeguarding their lives.