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My story

Jesper Theilgaard is from Denmark. He is a meteorologist and in 1990 he began as weather presenter at the news at Danish National TV Radio (DR). He wrote more than 30 books about weather and climate, for children and adults. He was awarded with the greatest prize in Denmark (2007) for his book about the Danish weather. In 2011 he was given the title ”Octopus of the year” for a satiric magazine. In 2006 he became a member of the network CBN-E (Climate Broadcaster Network, Europe) – established under the European Commission to give weather presenters knowledge and experience about climate change. Jesper also gives presentations about weather and climate. Recently he wrote the manuscript to a climate film for the project ”Climate Planet”. He is also the voice in the film shown on a big NASA-globe inside a 20m high globe – presented in @aarhus.oe, Denmark, this June and it will move to Copenhagen in October and COP23 in Bonn in November (2017). The idea is the big set-up shall move around Europe the next three years visiting at least 24 cities.