I love the weather, and I don’t want #myweather to change

On the 2018 World Meteorological Day, March 23, we showed the world that we, weather presenters, have one thing in common. We all love our weather. Our weather is the best weather there is and we don’t want this weather to change. We celebrated this special day on social media sharing this strong statement with all our followers, viewers, and fans. Weather presenters from all over the world left a message on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook. We reached an enormous amount of people in Taiwan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, India, Czech Republic, Uganda, Australia, The Netherlands, Kenya, Nigeria, Argentina, Greece, Morocco, Germany, The United States, and so on…


On that very same day, we were proud that founder Jill Peeters had the opportunity to present Climate without Borders during the keynote presentation at the WMO headquarters in Geneva. During this presentation she showed that weather presenters not only have ‘the coolest job in the world’, we also have the possibility, due to our huge reach, to have an immense influence on climate action and communication